Walmart will invest 20 billion pesos in Mexico and Central America in 2019
(Photo by Daniel Aguilar/Getty Images)

During this year, Walmart de México y Centroamérica will invest 20 billion pesos as part of its store expansion, maintenance, omnichannel strategy and logistics plan.

In his meeting with analysts, the director of Finance of the company, Olga González, said that these resources open opportunities for growth in the future, in addition to helping them improve their productivity.

According to the directive, 35% of the investment will be for existing stores, 31% for openings, 20% for logistics, 13% for e-commerce and technology, while the rest for perishables.

She said that in 2018 alone, the chain of self-service stores opened 134 units of its different formats, of which 100 were in the Mexican Republic and the remaining 34 in the Central American region.

In addition, with the aim of improving the delivery times of its online business, the company opened two new distribution centers located in Guadalajara and Monterrey, as well as more than 280 kiosks in its Bodega Aurrera stores.

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