Walmart will hire 150,000 workers in the midst the coronavirus

US retail company Walmart will hire 150,000 temporary workers to respond to the “current environment” generated by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, according to a statement.

The hiring process will last until the end of the year and the company has assured that, although all the positions are initially temporary “many will become indefinite over time”. Walmart has assured that it has contacted business groups representing restaurants and hotels to facilitate that these jobs can be occupied by their employees while the viral outbreak lasts.

Likewise, the company has assured that it has accelerated the process of hiring some “key” positions such as re-stockers.

“We know that millions of Americans who would normally have a job right now, but are temporarily out of a job and, at the same time, we are seeing strong demand in our stores,” said Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon.

“We are looking for people who see Walmart as an opportunity to earn extra money and perform a vital service to the community,” added McMillon.

On the other hand, the company has decided to pay a bonus to its employees. Those who are part-time will receive US $150, while those who are full-time will receive US $ 300, which will mean a total of 365 million dollars will be given out to their employees.

The firm has also decided to advance the next quarterly bonus for its workers, which will mean an additional disbursement of US $180 million will be given. 

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