Volkswagen will change its logo for the new electric era

It’s time for changes in Volkswagen. Nothing better than leaving bad things behind. Apparently this is the attitude that Volkswagen is taking, which is steadily advancing its electrification plans, while wishing to erase any memory related to the #Dieselgate scandal.

As part of this strategy, the German giant will change its logo for the first time since 2012. The announcement was made  in Berlin, where the Director of Marketing, Jochen Sengpiehl said: “In reflection of new trends in technology, the The new emblem of Volkswagen will have a format that can be seen in all its dimensions the same on the screens of cars as in those of cell phones and other electronic devices.”

For now, there is still no exact date for the launch of the new Volkswagen emblem.

The latest update of the VW emblem took place in 2012 when a three-dimensional image was added. This was the eighth change since the German company re-emerged from the ashes of World War II.

“The brand is not in as good shape as it was years ago,” said Sengpiehl, who acknowledged that in addition to the consequences of the diesel scandal, the brand “lost some emotion” trying to be “too German”.

Evolution of the Volkswagen logo:

In addition to updating the logo, which according to the firm itself will be “more colorful”, the brand based in Wolfsburg announced that it will expand the use of social networking platforms, to finish convincing the skeptics about the step towards cars with electric propulsion.

To carry out the change of image of its logo, Volkswagen has contacted diverse agencies of marketing and publicity anywhere in the world so that they help him to develop the logo and the new corporate message.

“The big challenge is how to convince the public about the electrical world,” said Sengpiehl. “We want our customers to have fun with us, we need to be more colorful.”

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