Volkswagen and Ford are close to closing an agreement to manufacture autonomous driving cars

Volkswagen and Ford are close to reaching an agreement to develop autonomous driving cars, the chief executive of the German automaker said Thursday.

Volkswagen and the second largest automaker in the United States signed an agreement in March to develop a van and have been in talks to extend the alliance to include autonomous driving and mobility services.

The talks are “moving forward and are almost complete,” said VW CEO Herbert Diess, about 500 company managers from around the world gathered at the firm’s headquarters in Wolfsburg.

Ford said the talks are continuing and will provide new information when the details are defined.

“The discussions have been productive in several areas,” a spokeswoman for the US automaker said in a statement sent by email.

Car manufacturers are increasingly seeking partnerships to help share the costs generated by the high costs of cleaner technologies.

Volkswagen believes that its relationship with Ford is strategically important to help balance its regional interests.

“Today we are de facto a company very oriented to the Chinese, for this we need a counterweight in the United States,” Diess said, according to comments prepared by Reuters.

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