Trump threatens Harley-Davidson by decision to move part of its production from the US

US President Donald Trump threatened motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc higher taxes on Tuesday and said he will have problems because people will punish his business for his decision to move his production abroad for European customer.

“A Harley-Davidson should never be manufactured in another country, never! Your employees and customers are already very upset with them … Look, if they make the transfer it will be the beginning of the end.” They surrendered, they gave up! The Aura will leave and they will be taxed like never before! “said Trump.

“Harley must know that they will not be able to sell again in the United States without paying a big tax!” He added.

It was not clear what taxes Trump was referring to and why the company would have to pay them, since he plans to keep his production in the United States as well.

Harley-Davidson announced on Monday that it will move production of motorcycles it ships to the European Union to its international facilities and said the block’s trade tariffs could cost the company between US $ 90 million and US $ 100 million per year.

In a series of tweets that showed his annoyance about the matter, the president also suggested that the well-known American brand is using commercial tensions for tariffs as an excuse to move its production.

“Harley-Davidson said earlier this year that it would move much of its operations from the plant in Kansas City to Thailand, which was long before the Tariffs announcement, so they are only using the Trade War / Tariffs as an excuse “Trump said.

Representatives of Harley-Davidson did not respond immediately to the calls to comment on the situation. The company’s shares fell almost 2% to US $ 40.77.

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