Tokyo court rejects request to end arrest of former Nissan boss

On Wednesday, the Tokyo District Court rejected a request made by the defense of former Nissan Motor Co. president Carlos Ghosn to end his detention after his arrest in November who is accused of financial mismanagement.

The court’s decision came a day after Ghosn appeared for the first time since his arrest before the court, where he firmly upheld his innocence regarding all allegations of financial irregularities he faces.

During the hearing on Tuesday, the global automotive world heavyweight had 10 minutes to defend his innocence in court and hear the reasons for his prolonged detention, extended after the emergence of new suspicions that committed aggravated breach of confidence. After the defendant’s testimony, his lawyers filed an application with the court to have his detention stopped.

The presiding judge, Yuichi Tada, testified at Ghosn’s hearing that his current detention is due to concerns that he could destroy key evidence and that he could flee.

The legal team of Ghosn, 64, said today that he will seek to present a quasi-appeal against the decision of the Tokyo District Court not to release Ghosn.

The end of Ghosn’s detention is scheduled for January 11, the date on which prosecutors must make a final decision on whether or not to prosecute him for the charges against him.

Motonari Otsuru, Ghosn’s lawyer, said at a press conference after the hearing on Tuesday that Ghosn could theoretically be detained for at least another six months due to the complexities of the case.

It is unlikely that he will be granted bail since Ghosn has unequivocally rejected all the accusations against him, Otsuru said.

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