Tips to create an effective email marketing campaign

Email marketing has become a very valuable tool for blogs and business websites. It is the ideal tool to be in contact with clients, send them messages, offers and publicize new products and services. Today we will give you some tips to create an effective email marketing campaign and thus not end up in the spam folder of your customers.

Email marketing is probably the most used tool in online marketing, due to its low cost, high profitability and high impact. The great advantage of creating an effective email marketing campaign is that you eliminate the two main costs of mailing by ordinary mail: printing and sending. Thus the cost of designing and producing a catalog or graphic piece, inserting it and sending it by ordinary mail is completely eliminated.

For being a tool of common use it is important that you differentiate yourself from your competition, so let’s go over some tips so that your email marketing campaign is a success and does not end up in the spam folder.

Tips to create an effective email marketing campaign

  1. Interesting content: send emails with promotions, offers, information that provides value to the user, links to download information, etc.
  2. Periodicity: avoid sending emails just because you want to send something, your time and that of your customers is worth gold, so make the most of it. If you want to be in constant communication with your customers, choose how often you want to send your email campaign, this guarantees good results. We think that sending out an email campaign once or twice per month is the perfect way not to overwhelm the readers.
  3. Database: make sure you have obtained in an appropriate way the express consent of the receiver to send you commercial information. Almost everywhere there are strong sanctions for those who voluntarily or through ignorance violate the laws and regulations that regulate this activity. Be careful!
  4. Mobile devices: nowadays we increasingly use our smartphones and tablets to check emails, so make sure that your campaign emails are seen correctly on both devices.

How to design an effective email marketing campaign

Shocking, surprising headline: hook the reader and invite him to see the rest of the email.

a. Brief and creative text: less is more. Bet on everyday words with which the reader identifies and sympathizes, tell them with an original and close touch.

b. Prioritize the information: if as a company you need to communicate many things at once, select the most important and communicate a single key message per emailing campaign. For example: if you are a restaurant do not communicate the new menu and the offers of the week at the same time, that will confuse your readers. Make an email for each thing separately.

c. Impressive, attractive image: a picture is worth a thousand words. If you use images purchased in image banks, try to make them as natural as possible. Above all, avoid using cliché photos that everyone else is using in their communication. Look for images that differentiate your product and your brand.

d. Slogan of the brand and logo: these two should always accompany every single one of your emails, but, how will they remember you?

e. Call to action: place at the end of your email a phrase that invites the reader to make a goal: go to the website for more information, download a document, fill out a form, make a reservation, etc.

What tool do we recommend to create an effective email marketing campaign?

We recommend MailChimp, there are many others, but without a doubt this tool is characterized by its easy usability and the great benefits it offers in its free version.

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