These are the 10 companies with the best reputation in Mexico in 2018
Mexico City

The Reputation Institute presented its ranking of companies with the best reputation in Mexico, which include Japanese Sony at the top of the list however no Mexican company made in the top 10.

In an interview with high level executive, Enrique Johnson, director for Spain and Latin America of the Reputation Institute, explained that “when we talk about reputation, what we are talking about is the perception that different stakeholders have of what a company has done in the past, what he is doing today, but above all and fundamentally, the expectations they have of the companies “.

To make the ranking of the companies with the best reputation, seven different aspects were taken into account: Financial results, Integrity, Citizenship, Leadership, Innovation, Work environment and Quality of products and services.

An important fact is that none of the companies analyzed reaches the “Excellent” reputation grade, which is awarded with more than 80 points. Last year Google – which has topped the list in the previous four years – did get this distinction.

“This has more to do with an aspect that is happening worldwide, about the loss of confidence of society over companies. There are aspects that are impacting the reputation of companies, it has to do with political and economic aspects worldwide and is happening all over the world equally, “adds Johnson.

To find a national company it is necessary to look up to position number 22, where Grupo Lala is located. One seat higher was Grupo Modelo, which now belongs to the Belgian company Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Cinépolis, which last year ranked in the top 10, went down to number 27, a place below Grupo Jumex.

According to Johnson, this is because Mexican society is more demanding with the companies in the country.

“There is a series of expectations that have not been met or have not been met by companies, which is causing a penalty on the part of society, on issues such as concern for good causes or concern for environment”.

“And above all, and this is a key thing that we see in this study, Mexican companies that work in this environment are more required than multinational companies.”

This, he adds, is something that should change the industry in our country, because there is a perception that they do not work on issues of social responsibility, despite the fact that many companies do so with great results.

Here we present the list of companies with the best reputation in the country in 2018:


  1. Sony


  1. Netflix


  1. Google


  1. Microsoft


  1. BMW


  1. Samsung


  1. Adidas


  1. Nike


  1. The Walt Disney Company


  1. Volkswagen


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