Tetra Pak promotes the use of traceable vegetables to manufacture packaging

Tetra Pak, together with its supplier Braskem, has encouraged the use of “fully traceable” plant-based polymers to manufacture its packaging, the company said.

Thus, Tetra Pak has become the first to perform this practice within the food and beverage industry. The company emphasizes that the use of these materials in its packaging is another step in its commitment to promote “ethical and responsible” business practices in global supply chains as well as the contribution to reducing the carbon footprint with its packaging.

Tetra Pak points out that the use of plant-based raw materials, both paper and polymers, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, supporting economic growth separated from fossil and finite sources.

This type of polymers of vegetable origin are produced from sugarcane and are already used for the lamination of some of the Tetra Pak containers, as well as for some of their caps. Braskem its supplier for plant-based polymers, has achieved a Bonsucro certification for 100% of the volume of bioethanol derived from sugarcane for solutions of plant origin used by Tetra Pak, establishing a “total” transparency in the chain of supply.

“Our plant sourced polymers are completely traceable, which means that they can reach their true origin, sugar cane. We believe that raw materials of plant origin play a key role in achieving a low-carbon circular economy,” said the vice president of sustainability of Tetra Pak, Mario Abreu.

This announcement is part of the ‘Positive Planet’ initiative, recently launched by Tetra Pak and aimed at the food and beverage industry. This initiative aims to encourage companies to commit to sustainability, through collective actions that add up and solve some of the greatest environmental challenges of today, working for a low-carbon circular economy.

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