Spanish OPDEnergy seeks to build a new photovoltaic park in Chile for US $120 million

The Spanish multinational OPDEnergy is promoting in Chile the new Alcones Photovoltaic Park, which will be located in the municipality of Marchigue in the O’Higgins Region.

The project, whose investment is close to US $120 million, submitted an Environmental Impact Statement to the SEA, which is currently in the admission phase.

According to the company’s schedule, the construction works will take 10 months and it is estimated that they start at the beginning of 2020, once the permits and environmental approval have been obtained.

The initiative includes the construction and operation of a solar photovoltaic park which will inject 90 MW of nominal power at the connection point on a total installed power of 115,002 MWp located on a surface of approximately 300.68 hectares, which also includes the electrical transmission works.

As part of the initiative, a 23/110 kV Electric Substation will be built and a 110 kV simple circuit High Voltage Line of approximately 8.5 km will reach the existing 110 kV Portezuelo Electric Substation owned by CGE.

The park will have 287,504 photovoltaic modules (solar panels) of 400 Wp of power.

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