Sony seeks to connect with users and creators through products

The president and CEO of Sony Corporation, Kenichiro Yoshida, said that the brand seeks to show products that are developed to meet the needs of consumers and help content creators in their work.

As part of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2019, which takes place in Las Vegas, the company said they want to demonstrate “how Sony’s professional-level technologies allow creators of the entertainment industries to produce incredible content. ”

“They will also see how our consumer products connect with both creators and users, allowing them to enjoy content with the highest quality possible,” the executive added in a statement.

Kenichiro Yoshida referred to the Japanese company as a company that attracts thousands of people due to the different content it helps generate, which are visual, auditory and entertainment, as is the case with video games.

“Sony is a creative entertainment company, we partner with content creators in charge of music, movies, TV shows and video games that attract billions of eyes, ears and minds around the world,” he said.

According to the manager, the purpose of this company is to provide a better entertainment experience for people, which helps communities of interest to form around various content or hardware products such as Play Station.

The company reported that the president of the Film Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tom Rothman, and the President of Sony Animation of Movies, Kristine Belson, together with the CEO of the corporation, highlighted the importance of generating content that is good for spectators when establishing creativity through the best technology.

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