Siemens is interested in the Mayan Train

Siemens will open a new plant in Mexico, announced the CEO of the German firm for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Juan Ignacio Diaz.

In his presentation as new CEO, Díaz did not give date or amount of investment, however, he explained that it will complement one of its seven plants that it has in Mexico.

The investment of the plant is for the plant’s production processes, he added.

In the question session, Díaz said that the company is interested in participating in the Mayan Train project, since they can provide state-of-the-art technology, as well as taking care of the environment through their experience.

Because of the diversification we have, we can participate in this project, assured Diaz.

“We have technology for the tracks and the construction of the train through automation,” he adds.

Also, the new CEO of Siemens for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean said that for the first quarter of 2019, the company plans to invest $ 200 million (USD) in wind and solar energy infrastructure.

During his presentation, Díaz explained that Siemens has a presence in various industries in Mexico, for example, in the automotive sector has a presence of 60%, in the beer sector 60%, mining 65% and cement 76%.

The German firm will invest 20 million dollars in Research and Development (R & D), said Díaz.

The CEO also mentioned that Siemens has a stake in the New International Airport of Mexico City (NAICM) through a contract for the automation of baggage removal.

Díaz explained that the firm has $ 200 million committed to this project. “We are going to recover the investment. It is committed investment, so we are seeing the issue with the consortium, “he added.

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