Seven companies will enter the bid for the construction of the Bogota metro

The District announced the names of the seven international firms who formalized their proposals to participate in the tender for the construction of Bogota’s first line of subways, which is expected to be awarded later this year.

The consortiums include, Consorcio Metro de Bogotá, APCA Metro Capital, China Railway Group Limited, Sunrise Consortium, APCA Transmimetro, Line 1 Consortium, and Capital Metro Union, which met the requirements of experience and financial capacity to participate in the bid.

Within these conditions, the company must have experience in at least two metro-type projects, as well as, as an income of more than US $1.750 billion.

“We expected a smaller number of companies (3-5) and when we received 7 proposals to participate in the final round, we were very satisfied with the outcome. The largest companies in the world with the most experience are present, who operate the majority of metros built in the last 30 years worldwide,” said Andrés Escobar, manager of the company Metro.

The ballot box with the proposals of the seven consortiums was sealed this Monday, and it will not be until March that the evaluation of the proposals will be known. During that time, the district will only determine if the companies meet their conditions, to then begin their economic evaluation. “Some could be disqualified between April and September, when our subway will be awarded,” Escobar said.

For his part, Mayor Enrique Peñalosa assured that loading tests are being completed, so the next thing will be to verify how the piles behaved.

Added to this, the District said that the tender will be awarded between September and October, which is looking for a consortium that is responsible not only for the designs and works, but also the electromechanical assemblies, provide trains and operate the first line of the metro for 20 years.

“The arrival in Bogota of such important companies, with the support of their respective countries, is another example of the strength of the project and confirms that, as we said, our metro is moving forward and has no reverse,” Peñalosa concluded.

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