Samsung will have a new CEO in Mexico

Samsung Electronics Mexico reported that Sang Jik Lee will assume command of the company in the country replacing Hong Sang Jo, who will be the new president in France.

The company said that Mexico represents one of the main markets at regional and global levels, which is mainly due to the leadership that the company has in various segments such as televisions and mobile equipment, positioning that was reinforced with new business strategies.

Thus, as of February of this year, Sang Jik Lee will take command of Samsung Electronics, who began his career at the company in 1996.

According to a statement from the company, the executive previously served as CEO of Samsung Electronics Argentina, where he perfected his strategic vision of the sector in Latin America, which will be key to further develop the potential of the Mexican market and successfully fulfill his new challenge.

In this regard, Sang Jik Lee said: “We see Mexico as one of the key players for the latest generation trends, and we will strengthen in this market issues such as the Internet of Things in which we are pioneers in, artificial intelligence and 5G connectivity, which is already taking off in other countries. “

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