Samsung apologizes for causing cancer to its workers

Samsung Electronics publicly apologized for causing cancer and other diseases to its workers, including congenital damage to the children of the victims.

The South Korean company promised to pay the financial compensation set.

“We lacked to be considered with all these diseases and we did not quickly resolve the issue,” said company co-chairman Kim Ki-nam, local media reported.

The problem of the diseases appeared in 2007, after employee Hwang Yu-mi died of leukemia and other cases that affected former workers of microprocessor and screen factories that Samsung produces began to be known.

Groups that defend the victims calculate that the victims exceed 200.

Just a few days ago, Samsung Electronics presented its expected folding phone to developers in San Francisco and asked Android programmers to start designing applications for the product, which does not yet have a release date.

Samsung’s new technology for flexible mobile screens is called “Infinity Flex Display” and the company expects that the phones that use it will allow users to do more complex tasks that would normally require a tablet or a laptop, but with a device that becomes much more compact.

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