Nokia will provide T-Mobile US with 5G network equipment in an agreement for US $ 3,500M

T-Mobile US has appointed Nokia to supply state-of-the-art 5G network equipment in the amount of US $ 3.5 billion. The two companies announced on Monday, in the first major agreement of its kind to modernize wireless internet services.

T-Mobile, the third largest mobile operator in the United States – which in April agreed to merge with Sprint to become a major rival to telecommunications giants Verizon and AT & T – said the agreement with Nokia will allow the first national service to provide 5G networks.

The agreement with T-Mobile is key for Finland’s Nokia, whose results have been affected by years of low demand from today’s 4G networks and growing doubts from investors about whether 5G network contracts can begin to raise Profitability of the company later this year.

The 5G networks promise to increase the speed of the internet for users of mobile devices and make the most reliable systems before the eventual development of a new automation in the industrial, medical, security, transport and other segments.

But telecom operators around the world have avoided making large investments in the commercial area to existing networks, and many companies established 5G networks simply as a way to increase capacity instead of adding more attractive features to users.

The terms of agreement will lead Nokia to supply a wide range of equipment, programs, and services for a 5G system and will allow T-Mobile to capitalize on a license to deliver a coverage spectrum of 600 megahertz and 28 megahertz high-speed capacity in zones densely populated in the United States, said the two companies.

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