Nissan sues Carlos Ghosn and asks for US $90.6 million

Nissan Motor has filed a civil lawsuit against its former president Carlos Ghosn on Wednesday worth 10,000 million yen (US $90.6 million / 83.38 million euros), the company said in a statement.

The lawsuit seeks to recover a “significant part” of the damage caused by Ghosn during years of “inappropriate behavior and fraudulent activities,” as the manufacturer stated in the brief.

The amount was calculated based on the costs incurred by Nissan “due to Ghosn and its corrupt practices,” including the use of several Nissan-owned residences outside of Japan, the private use of corporate aircraft, payments to his sister, the costs related to the internal investigation of its activities and the legal costs related to the case outside and within Japanese territory.

The civil lawsuit filed Wednesday is linked to allegations of abuse of trust that weigh on the businessman, who is currently a fugitive from Japanese Justice in Lebanon, and who is accused of the misuse and misappropriation of corporate funds.

This case is independent of the ongoing civil lawsuit that Nissan filed against Ghosn in the British Virgin Islands on August 30, 2019, “where unauthorized payments and transactions were processed” related to the ownership of a yacht, among others.

“Nissan has stepped up its campaign to recover the damage of its former president after his illegal escape from justice,” the company said in the statement, which also states that it will reserve the right to take separate legal action “for unfounded comments and defamatory of Ghosn “after his escape.

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