CAMIMEX – Mining is one of the most rooted industrial activities in Mexico
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Mining is one of the most rooted industrial activities in Mexico. Its history and transformation over the years motivated the creation of the Mining Chamber of Mexico on May 2, 1906, which came about with the commitment to establish principles of action, behavioral guidelines and, mainly, to represent before federal and local issues related to the mining and metallurgical sector of Mexico.


  • Foster the development of the national mining-metallurgical industry
  • Participate in the defense of the special interests of its members
  • Represent affiliates with federal and local authorities
  • Act as arbitrator in conflicts between affiliates
  • To promote coordination and integration with the Chambers, Groups and Local or regional associations of the branch

Since it’s 110 years of formation, CAMIMEX today stands firm and united with the commitment to continue being the main interlocutor between the industry mining and government, consolidating itself as the source of information mining and promoting the benefits of this sector.

Its 150 members are made up of suppliers and consultants who participate in the value chain of the sector but mainly by mining companies that represent 90% of the national production.

It consists of a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, a President, a Director, 4 Groups of Producers and 11 Permanent Study Commissions fulfills their mission of grouping, coordinating, representing and defending the interests of the Mining Industry before the different instances of Government and other agencies, as well as providing information, training, management and support services to promote the integral development of the industry.

Throughout its existence, CAMIMEX has been strengthened thanks to the ethics and commitment shown in all its initiatives and proposals that motivate the harmony between this industrial sector, government and communities where their members operate, bringing with them important social benefits.


  • 42 Mining Groups have distinguished ESR


  • 111 work centers have the clean industry certification
  • 3 Mining Groups integrate the Index Of the BMV
  • 52 Work Centers have some distinctive in the three levels of Enterprise


  • 145 Work Centers incorporated into the self-management program in safety and Health at Work of the STPS

Proof of this is its responsibility to the environment by optimizing the use of water and energy also contributes significantly to the poverty reduction in the municipalities where it operates through implementation of programs for health, education, housing and infrastructure and offer a better quality of life in regions where there is hardly any another economic activity. Thanks to this and other the mining industry has been the recipient of various awards.

Undoubtedly, each activity supports its values ​​of participation, impartiality, objectivity, honesty and respect. Over the years CAMIMEX, together with its affiliates, continue to join efforts to stimulate the growth of mining activity in Mexico, strengthening the commitments and good practices developed by the companies of this sector.


Mining has an ambivalent image and that is why CAMIMEX has great interest for all, both employees and users.

Understanding the importance of this industry and recognizing the benefits of this activity leads to the implementation of dissemination programs and education of the current mining, to show which is governed by safe rules and procedures that protect the integrity of its operations and workers, with norms, laws and regulations environmental protection and international standards.

The future is complicated but commitment and quick adaptability as well as efficiency in the industry is what has allowed the sector to continue standing and continue to strengthen.

Thanks to the efforts of the industrial groups gathered in CAMIMEX, Mexico continues to have a significant participation in the extractive industry.

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