Mexico’s best cities to open a new hotel
Mexico City

There are factors that you must take into account when choosing the city where a new development will be. From population growth to economic growth, we sometimes have to predict the future a bit – with the help of the growth prospects of each region – to find the ideal place for a business expansion.

Usually, a new hotel is part of the urban development of areas that are growing within a particular industry. Here are some examples:

Mexico City- There is no doubt that in the capital of a country, urban development is constant, so much so that it even seems to be in constant construction. But this is a response to the demographic and business growth that it has. This is not a strange thing, all the capitals of the world are the center of politics, business and art of their respective country and tourists visit it in the same way as business men and women.

Monterrey- Until last year, this municipality, turned into a city by the urban growth that absorbed the rest of the municipalities, was crowned as the urban zone with the largest foreign investment in Mexico. The arrival of new automotive plants throughout the North of the country makes that region one of the most proliferating in economic growth to strengthen the name of “automotive corridor in Mexico.”

Querétaro- Started its industrial growth in the 50s, but its true boom was at the beginning of the 21st century, when it took advantage of its privileged position in the center of the country to develop the industry and today it is already one of the leading cities in the automotive sectors, aeronautics, food, commerce, research and development, higher education, wine production, glass and tourism.

The Bajío- The development of the first industrial parks at the beginning of the century has positioned it as a perfect area for foreign investment and has become an industrial corridor that until 2015 had an annual growth of 24.9%.

Guadalajara- In 2016, the city of Guadalajara led the arrival of tourists with an annual growth of around 10%, higher than just over 8% of the national tourism industry. Not only that, the Tourism Trust of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara indicates that 55% of those who traveled to the city were business tourists, 28% is tourism of meetings and 12% of leisure.

The important thing to choose the next city in which to develop a new hotel is to be aware of the growth of a particular industry, investigate which are the transit areas of trade between cities or countries, the development of industrial parks, the establishment of foreign companies in the area and the openings of tourist attractions such as a nature reserve or an amusement park.

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