Japan’s steel industry urges Trump to make careful trade decision

The Japanese steel industry said Monday that the US Department of Commerce’s proposal to President Donald Trump to impose limits on steel imports violates the principles of free trade, and called on Washington to make a careful and appropriate decision. .

The Commerce Department on Friday recommended Trump to impose restrictions on imports of steel and aluminum from China and other countries, with measures ranging from global and country-specific tariffs to generalized import quotas.

“The recommendations violate the principles of free trade, which are the foundation of the development and prosperity of the global economy,” said the president of the Japanese Iron and Steel Federation, Kosei Shindo, in a statement.

“We hope Trump will make a careful and proper judgment,” said Shindo, who also heads Japan’s largest steelmaker, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp.

Yasuji Komiyama, director of the metal industries division of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, declined to comment on the Commerce Department’s proposal on Monday, saying the final decision by the United States has not yet been made.

“However, Japan believes that the imports of steel and aluminum from Japan by the United States pose no threat to US national security,” he said.

Japan exports nearly 2 million tons of steel products to the United States every year, barely 5% of its total shipments abroad.

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