IBTTA: The global association for toll facility owners and operators and the businesses
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IBTTA is the global association for toll facility owners and operators and the businesses that serve them. Our network of nearly 250 organizations in 25 countries represents a community of more than 5,000 professionals worldwide. Our members work together to create a better future for communities seeking sustainable mobility solutions.

Why Become an IBTTA Member?

IBTTA brings colleagues together, connects members with key resources, and helps advance critical issues. Making connections is at the heart of what IBTTA is all about.

IBTTA members have access to an exclusive network of experts whose advice and thought leadership can help you keep pace with an industry on the move. You and your staff will enjoy professionally enriching experiences such as leadership development, on-demand access to research and information, and educational opportunities.

Here are some of the ways that IBTTA provides value for your organization:

Access to Experts and Information

“We are a small firm with sights on expansion into new segments. The toll market is of critical strategic importance to us. We couldn’t be happier about the level of exposure our membership and sponsorship provide.”—John Mike, Perceptics

Get to know toll facility operators, suppliers and consulting services in the U.S. and around the world. IBTTA connects you to these experts who work on all aspects of mobility and transportation financing.

  • Build valuable relationships with peers who can share practical advice;
  • Access worldwide expertise that sparks innovation and efficiency for your business;
  • Raise your profile within the toll industry by sharing your expertise and connections; and
  • Serve on committees and task forces that help advance the industry.

Thought Leadership & Education

“That was one of the best finance sessions I’ve ever heard. It was a deep dive into asset management, not a quick overview. I need that kind of detail to be better at my job.”—Natalie Kinloch, The Federal Bridge Corporation, Canada

Enjoy high quality meetings, webinars and other educational experiences that give you many ways to help your business grow strong and thrive.

  • Learn from worldwide experts about new technology and best practices
  • Gain professional development in all aspects of the toll business
  • Participate in IBTTA’s Leadership Academy, a members-only executive program tailored to those looking to move the tolling industry forward
  • Access IBTTA’s industry data and studies to measure operational effectiveness and determine trends

Public Awareness & Advocacy

“Brilliant, wide & broad media coverage. Congratulations to the dedicated, hard-working IBTTA team on being such as efficient advocating association. We are delighted to be a member of IBTTA.”—Benoît Rossi, emovis, France

IBTTA represents the global industry with one voice and raises the visibility of tolling in the media as well as with legislators and the public.

  • Leverage IBTTA’s expertise and resources to educate government officials at all levels
  • Build public support by utilizing IBTTA resources to deliver a communications strategy
  • Receive informative studies that arm you with data points that help inform your leadership
  • Sign up for IBTTA’s SmartBrief, a daily enewsletter of timely news covering transportation and tolling worldwide

IBTTA’s value comes from strength in numbers and success by association.

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