How to motivate yourself every day

The life of an entrepreneur is full of ups and downs. One day things are really exciting and the next we face a new obstacle. This could wear you out and diminish the passion you once had for the company.

As entrepreneurs, passion is our responsibility. Some of us know well what motivates us but others have yet to discover it. As entrepreneurs, we have to make sure the passion and purpose for the company is coming from within us, and not parents or teachers who have previously told us what we should or shouldn’t do.

Two owners of two almost identical pizzerias could have different reasons why they started. One could be living the dream of growing a small business and giving jobs to local youth. While the other could love just seeing happy families enjoying a good meal. The key is to discover what motivates you? What turns you on?

There are two important factors that motivate most entrepreneurs:

– We want to express our desires, passions and purposes. The reason is simple: If we are going to create a business and use a good part of our time in it, let’s do something we love and that expresses our goal in life.

– We want to put passion before practicality. Yes, we want our business to succeed and make us earn money. But first we must find the words that move us, words that ignite our passion. It’s like the old steam train: The engine and the tracks are the practical structure of the business, but if there is no fire in the boiler, it will never move.

Make it real

Read your vision, mission and values ​​out loud every day, and make it the first thing you do in the morning. These are the reasons:

To vocalize. When we read something out loud, it reaches both sides of the brain. The left hemisphere is the logical side of the brain, it rationalizes, but usually there is no passion and it usually generates resistance and negativity. The right hemisphere is the source of emotion and motivation; And it’s not always practical. By saying something out loud, the message touches both hemispheres and unifies them.

As daily practice. Motivation is like exercise: the more you practice it, the stronger you become. If you’re wrong one day, what does it matter? That is in the past and is history. Just think about this to get inspired: Today is the most important day of your life. Therefore, try to start again daily.

First thing’s first. Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, teaches us to put “first things first”. This means starting every day with the most essential. Motivational coach Barry Gottlieb motivates us to adopt only positive and nutritious ideas the first two hours of the day. Start your mornings with your vision, not with the newspaper!

Kim George, author of Coaching into Greatness, says that having your company’s mission hanging on the wall is a terrible thing. Instead, we need to make it real. Read it standing, as if you were about to run at full speed. Make sure to read it meaningful every day, in a dynamic and active way, that excites your inner fire.

Feed the fire when necessary

Let’s say we motivate ourselves every day and we are ready to face any obstacle, but how long will this attitude last? On a good day, two hours; In a bad one, 10 minutes.

Almost every day something will happen that discourages you or lowers morale. It can be a complaint from a client, an employee with poor performance, the traffic that causes you to be late for a meeting or skip a meal.

If this happens, it’s time for you to refocus your vision. When a runner trips, what does he do? He stops, breathes, regains focus and starts again. It’s not about how many times we fall, but how quickly we recover.

For this reason, it is important that you have a version of a line of your mission. Thus, when something happens that demotivates you, stop, stand straight, take three deep breaths and repeat your mission again. You can do this exercise in 30 seconds and it will help you to light the fire of your passion again. Little by little you will feel how bad feelings go away.

The mistakes to avoid

Things you should not do:

– Let your mission become your list of earrings, and not what you dream of doing.

– Let your mission be what society wants you to do, and not what you want to do.

– Forget your mission and leave it ruined in a closet or hung on a wall.

– Exploit yourself. This will lead to wear and then hate.

The last point is a great risk for any business owner. When life becomes difficult (as it often happens) it is easy to start saying “I have to do”. And that is the way to burnout and hate going to work. To keep the passion for your business on, forget the ‘I owe’ and ‘I have’.

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