How to improve and develop your concentration at work

Jiddu Krishnamurti once said that concentration and attention are not the same. Here’s the difference: being concentrated means that we are focused exclusively on something, excluding everything else. Attention, on the other hand, includes everything that

happens around us, every detail, everything that happens; that is, nothing escapes us. If you find yourself having issues concentrating below we have some ideas to help effectively enhance your concentration.

Therefore, if you need to be concentrated at work or perform a task that, due to its degree of difficulty, requires your maximum concentration or you simply want to exercise it, here you will find some 100% practical tips that will undoubtedly help you.

“Concentration is the root of all man’s capacities”

-Bruce Lee-

  1. Start by setting your priorities

To develop your concentration, when you start your day, determine what needs to be done, when you will do it, what will you leave aside for another moment, what will you do first and what will you do next. Set clear objectives and as specific and realistic as possible. If it is necessary and you find it more comfortable, take note of what you have decided.

  1. Eliminate everything that may distract you

Turn off the cell phone, television, radio (if it bothers you) and choose a place that is comfortable for you. If you are in an environment where there is a lot of noise, use earplugs or headphones to reduce them. If a sudden noise, whatever it is, momentarily distracts you, try to cancel it and concentrate again.

  1. Take a break

Take a break or change the material every so often. It is proven that after 90 minutes, the concentration is lost, so that after that time, it is better to take a break and get distracted; listen to music, eat an apple, drink tea, etc. and then go back to your place of work. This way you can develop your concentration much better.

  1. Order your space

Keep your place of work neat and clean. This detail, at first sight so superficial, is extremely important. Try to have everything you need at your fingertips and always in the same place, so that you find it easily and do not waste time unnecessarily.

The chaos that exists outside reflects the chaos inside you. To develop your concentration, it is necessary that everything is clean and tidy so as not to distract you

  1. Divide the work into parts

When the work you must do is very complex, it is best to divide it into parts, so that each one of them can be met alternately. This will prevent anxiety from invading you and you will see that you are fulfilling each step until it ends. It is also convenient to put deadlines to these stages. They must be realistic so as not to generate false expectations.

Once finished a task that has demanded a lot of effort, reward yourself with something you like, it can be a break, have a coffee, talk on the phone, or go for a walk; you choose what you like best.

  1. Getting enough rest

Sleep the hours your body needs. This is fundamental, because resting well will help you perform better at work. Only then can you develop your concentration in an appropriate way.

  1. Out with any worries!

Do not let worries get the best of you. This is another great distracting element. You can use many techniques to get rid of them (be it meditation, breathing exercises, listing to classical music) and face your task without being disturbed.

“If your evil has a remedy, why do you worry? If you do not have it, why do you worry? ”

-Oriental proverb-

Meditate at work

  1. What is your most productive hour?

Choose the time of the day when you feel you are more productive, it may be in the morning, afternoon or evening. This is very personal; try to find the best time and place to meditate.

As you can see, these tips are very simple, but when applied you will see that your concentration at work will increases as well as your performance.

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