How do I get investors?

Finding people who want to invest in a business initiative is complicated. The key is to rehearse an original presentation and have a good business plan.

Entrepreneurs know that it is not easy to obtain money to start a business, especially if it is necessary to do without the financial support of family and friends.

Much of the work to get new investors is to have an excellent business plan, and the other is to present it correctly.

The specialized business portal, Entrepreneur, gives us some tips to make the process of obtaining the financing you need more viable.

Stay realistic: Showing too much love for your idea or plan can make you look like an idealist and reduce the seriousness of your proposal.

Use social networks: With them you can show how popular is or can become your product or service. They are simple to measure and highly reliable.

Power existing needs: Many people focus on creating new demands, but they would achieve more success if they offer more efficient solutions instead of creating new problems.

Practice your presentation: Have a fluid dialogue, correct vocabulary and appropriate energy management. The worst thing you can do is to bore or alarm your potential investors, so you must organize your ideas beforehand. Your goal should be to thrill him as much as your idea impresses you.

Be original: Do not use the same formats, presentations and words in all your presentations, improvise, be creative and use images and graphics to give more dynamism to your idea.

Present the business plan with care: You must make projections of earnings, research and a work of knowledge of your potential opportunities. This document is delivered at the end of the presentation and is carefully analyzed by the investors.

Try to be the first and never arrive late: “The one that hits first, hits twice, and the rest costs more investment to reach us”.

Never forget to ask yourself if you would buy what you sell: If you fail to answer yes, it is time to rethink your proposal.



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