Hotel firm launches global program to hire 10,000 young people

The international company Hyatt Hotels Corporation launched its global program RiseHY, created to link the professional opportunities of the hotel industry with young people in need, and with which it commits by 2025 to hire 10,000 people between 16 and 24 who do not study, or they work.

The company added that according to data from the International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 40% of young people in the world are unemployed or living in poverty, and as reported by the organization Measure of America, in the United States alone there are 4.9 million young people in conditions of opportunity disconnected from the economy.

“We understand the challenges facing youth and at Hyatt we are positioned to be part of the solution. The hotel sector is one of the few where initial career opportunities can lead to a satisfying career for life, which could even transform the life trajectory of a person, “said Malaika Myers, executive director of Human Resources for Hyatt.

He added that the launch of the RiseHY program will take advantage of the potential of technology as the industry has not done before, to scale career opportunities and raise awareness about the professional possibilities that exist in the hotel world.

Through the use of virtual technology, young individuals from all over the world will be able to live from their home or a community center, as is the experience of working in a hotel.

With that immersive experience, candidates can experience a day as hotel professionals and learn more about the job opportunities that Hyatt offers, including bellboys, kitchen assistants, waitresses, maintenance assistants and waiters.

Digital technology that takes advantage of artificial intelligence will also be available to community organizations, in order to identify the inherent skills of the candidates and adjust them to the functions of the initial jobs in the hotel industry, not only in Hyatt.

“Those who have greater compatibility with the different hospitality functions, will have the option of being appointed to different human resources teams in a variety of hotel properties, through community organizations, with which they will be supported to find a path aligned with their skills, ” Myers stated.

He explained that as part of the program, long-term commitments will be developed with local community organizations to expand their global network, scale training programs and accelerate the hiring of young people.

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