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Great Place to Work started with an unexpected discovery. In 1981, a New York publisher asked two business journalists (Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz) to write a book entitled The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. They accepted, though they were skeptical of finding 100 companies that qualified to appear in the book. They began a journey that would lead them to more than 25 years of research, recognition, and construction of excellent workplaces, which continues to this day.

They discovered that the key to creating an excellent workplace is not by a set of benefits, programs or practices that should be given to employees, but rather the building of quality relationships characterized by trust, pride, and fellowship. This is how relationships based on trust are no longer a secondary factor, but are the key to improving business results. That is why trust is the central theme of the 1984 book followed by its 1988 sequel: A Great Place to Work: What Makes Some Employers So Good – And Most So Bad?

These ideas led to the creation of the Great Place to Work Institute. Leaders of many companies around the world adopted the Institute’s model and methodology as a valuable way to measure and create excellent workplaces. In 1997, Fortune (United States) and Exame (Brazil) collaborated with the Institute’s research capacity to produce the first list of “Best Companies to Work For”.

Years later, in 2002, the first list of “The Best Companies to Work in Mexico” was published, followed by years of success in publishing the rankings of the country. In 2010, the first list of “The Best Governmental Institutions to Work in Mexico” was published, recognizing the effort in favor of the collaborators of various organizations of the main employer of that country. Gradually, Great Place to Work opened its doors in 45 countries and is expected to expand in the coming years.

Great Place to Work today

Today, Great Place to Work Institute is partnering with many of the most innovative and successful organizations in the world to create, study, and recognize excellent workplaces. Every year, Great Place to Work, works with over 5,500 organizations representing more than 10 million employees. Thanks to this, we continuously reinforce our unique competencies, such as the ability to perform and analyze comparative work culture for multiple industries in our best practice database. Our widely recognized “Best Companies to Work For” rankings are published in the world’s leading media and reach an audience of more than 25 million readers. The combination of business enhancement effort and its media coverage is the way we create a better society, for helping organizations to become excellent workplaces.

Great Place to Work programs have been implemented in some of the most innovative and respected organizations worldwide.

We have worked with organizations of all sizes, regardless of whether they are part of a public, private, or nonprofit sector. Our clients have workforces with varied characteristics: from unionized and trustworthy professionals, to recent graduates who are temporary or permanently contracted, and operating in one or several locations or countries. These organizations belong to different industries such as manufacturing, health, transportation, consumption, professional services, tourism, government, educational and non-profit.

Great Place to Work and Social and Corporate Responsibility

Our mission is to improve society by helping organizations to become excellent places to work. And as we work to fulfill our mission by helping organizations improve their organizational culture, we also believe it is important to help communities and those around us (regardless of whether needs are just around the corner or anywhere in the world).

It’s a matter of belief for Great Place to Work, and so we proactively address our customers’ needs or communities. We recognize that all needs are linked together, therefore, we want to contribute to sustainable development and to the improvement of culture in our communities. This helps build a better future for our company, for the people who work at Great Place to Work, for all the organizations that are our clients, and the world at large.

A Culture of Trust

We partnered with InsideNGO on a pilot project to work with four non-governmental organizations: the Elizabeth Glaser Pedriatic AIDS Foundation; the International Rescue Committee; Jhpiego; and ChildFund. These organizations operating in Nairobi, Kenya, focus on solving basic needs. Just as we work with the private sector and government organizations around the world, we believe that non-profit organizations (NGOs) can be excellent places to work. And we believe that our voluntary contribution will help make this happen.

In the Culture of Trust project, we survey the employees of these four NGOs, we provide a Journey cultural training with the leaders of the organizations, and we guide them through a series of telephone training sessions. Over a period of 12 months, we will carry out a Trust Index follow-up survey and a cultural assessment to these organizations, to observe the progress of each NGO that is working to create an excellent place to work.

Our Commitment

Other companies can offer competitive products and services, but Great Place to Work has no competition, although other companies may offer similar products and services. The Institute has a unique mission focused entirely on society. While other firms are content to make marginal changes in the work climate, we seek to help organizations transform their organizational culture. The excellent places of work are highlighted by the impact of trust in labor relations.

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