FAO and Telefónica will bring digitalization to farmers in Latin America

The UN Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) and the Spanish company Telefónica agreed to collaborate to bring digitalization to farmers in various parts of Latin America.

The Global Director of Public Affairs Strategy of Telefónica and former Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad Jiménez, highlighted in one act the importance of “making digitalization a tool of social inclusion” at the service of rural communities.

He assured that the private sector can help social inclusion and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for 2030, among which is the eradication of hunger and poverty.

With the collaboration agreement signed with FAO, the Spanish telecommunications company proposed to develop the use of the internet of things, big data, and digital platforms to help farmers in developing countries become more efficient and cope with extreme weather events linked to climate

The general director of that United Nations agency, José Graziano da Silva, urged “to go one step further” and bring new technologies to rural areas to reduce the “big digital divide” with cities, which exists partly because of the lack of infrastructure and demographic changes.

One of the purposes of this type of alliance is to transmit essential data such as time or market prices to producers in a world where, according to Da Silva, there are still 70 countries that lack information about the climate.

In Latin America, Telefónica is working in 14 countries to promote technological development, including in Chile, where it’s collaborating with the government to optimize the use of water resources and pests control, among other things.

Pilot projects are also being carried out in El Salvador and Colombia to facilitate decision-making on issues related to irrigation and climate change through sensors, the storage of data in the cloud and their subsequent processing.

In addition, the agreement provides for the incorporation of FAO’s educational content into Telefónica’s training platforms, such as the one designed in Ibero-America for mass online “open” courses.

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