Exclusive interview with Telefónica’s Victor Prieto

Telefónica México is the subsidiary of the Spanish company Telefónica S.A. in Mexico, which operates under the Movistar brand and through: Movistar Empresas México, Atento Mexico, Adquira Mexico, Terra Networks Mexico.

Currently, it is, together with the Mexican company Telmex, one of the two largest telecommunications operators in the country.

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Victor Prieto, Telefonica
Victor Prieto, Head Of Information Technology and Digital Services at Telefónica México

What are the short and medium term plans for Telefónica’s growth in Mexico?

For Telefónica Mexico, it is very important to continue advancing in modernization of the sector through actions that promote an agenda that favors competitiveness and bring technology and services closer to each of the regions of the country for the benefit of the Mexican user.

Telefónica has a well-defined objective, related to the focus of our operations, the telecommunications revolution in the country and the commitment to a more connected Mexico; An example of this is our coverage in the country with the fastest 4GLTE network and the recent implementation of our Extended Coverage program that will allow us to offer our services to more than 1,500 small towns in the country. Mexico is a great opportunity for Telefónica, it is the second most important market in Latin America and it is among the top 15 worldwide.


What problems does Mexico face in limiting or slowing down its growth?

With regard to the impact of our sector, the regulatory environment is complex, we have always pointed out the need for fair competition among the players that make up the sector.


What technological innovations do you offer your customers this year?

This year we have launched and enhanced interesting products in the business sector and small businesses, bringing the digital era closer to companies of any size and any sector in Mexico. We are designing and integrating solutions on IOT (Internet of Things), we have launched Big Data and Digital Security services as services where companies can request tailored suits according to their needs. All the information of a company can be hosted and run from a secure and scalable cloud with our offer of Services in the cloud.

In the mass segment we launched MOVISTAR ON, an innovative product for the pre-paid segment that allows the user a total digital experience, allows the purchase of predesigned packages according to the needs of each client as well as a real-time control of consumption and benefits obtained in each package. We are offering a range of social networks in a la carte packages for our pre-paid clients.


What are your expansion projects?

Telefónica México reinvests in our country the total operating margin that it generates year after year, which demonstrates the group’s commitment to our country, we are a company that expands and grows year after year. In my case, as responsible for the areas of Development of Digital Products and Services I can comment that we are transforming into a digital company, this year we will finish the implementation of our new Full Stack which we call ONIX and that will allow us to enable a host of benefits to our final customers. Improvements in attention and the launch of innovative products for our customers.


Do you have plans to carry out some partnerships with other companies to expand your market in Latin America?

It is important for the telecommunications sector both in Mexico and in the rest of the continent, that commercial alliances, infrastructure sharing and cooperation in general can be made between all market operators.

The best example in Mexico is the implementation of our Extended Coverage program and the activities we have carried out -with Telcel and AT & T-, this shows the evolution and maturity of the sector, which is a common practice throughout the world.

We firmly believe that partnerships of this kind allow us to design innovative products for users and provide the best high-tech services.


Where does Telefónica look in the next 3 years?

Telefónica México today is a Digital Telco and therefore our path is to consolidate ourselves as a company that provides different types of services and solutions for residential customers, small businesses and large corporations.

We have a solid purpose of continuing to grow and improve the lives of Mexicans in a healthy environment that favors competitiveness.


What expectations does Telefónica have for the next 10 years?

As we have indicated previously, Mexico is a fundamental piece for the Group and therefore we reaffirm our commitment to presence and operation in the country.

Movistar is in Mexico and will continue to develop its business in the long term. Today the challenge is to maintain our growth, as the operator with the best quality telecommunications network and with the best service and attention to the user. Our objective is to continue investing at a rate of at least 13% per year against our sales and to ensure that these investments are efficient and productive for the benefit of our customers and the Mexican market.

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