Embraer foresees a demand of 10,550 new aircraft for the next 20 years

Embraer reported Sunday that it estimates a demand of 10,550 new aircraft with capacity for up to 150 seats in the next 20 years, a market valued at US $ 600 billion.

According to the company, the fleet of aircraft in service must increase to 16,000 units in the period, over the 9,000 that are currently in operation. The growth of the market will stimulate 65% of that demand, while the remaining 35% will be for the replacement of old aircrafts, the company explained.

“Although the growth of the industry has exceeded all expectations in recent years, we are preparing for a period of increased costs, with continued pressure for increased profitability, profits are falling, and profits disappear with the increase in costs, “said the president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, John Slattery.

Earlier this month, Embraer agreed to an agreement with US company Boeing to form a joint venture that will involve the commercial aviation area of ​​the Brazilian manufacturer, in a stage of transformation of the global jets duopoly for passengers.

The new company that will be created after endorsement by authorities including the Brazilian government, will mark the entry of Boeing in the segment of commercial aircraft of smaller size and will give more competition for the C-Series jets, projected by the Canadian Bombardier and supported by the European Airbus.

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