The electric truck has arrived: Tesla Semi Truck 2019
Tesla Semi

The first Tesla truck was presented on November 16 among a sea of expectation as a prototype in Hawthorne, United States, on the facilities of SpaceX, the other great company of Elon Musk. This tractor is called to revolutionize the transport of goods by road, at least in the medium and long distance routes, as it is a vehicle with a range of up to 800 kilometers without emitting even a single harmful gas: it is completely electric, fast, and it will arrive in 2019.

Despite its aesthetics, perhaps disproportionately futuristic and groundbreaking with the current design of a conventional cabin, the Tesla Semi has a body in which its engineers have been obsessed with aerodynamics in order to reduce wind resistance and increase its range.

The result in this aspect is amazing: a consumption of 125 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which indicates, knowing its autonomy – up to 800 kilometers, that this truck has a battery pack of 1 megawatt with a technology still undefined, but of a scale never seen.

For now, the data of this ‘semi-truck’ are minimal, although if we follow the premises that define the cars of the Californian firm, it is evident that the articulated truck of Tesla will consist of a very powerful 100% electric mechanics and will present autonomous driving of level 3 or even 4 that, in any case, can be updated via ‘upgrades’.

It has also confirmed a technical sheet that exceeds all expectations in terms of performance, since this vehicle with 6×4 traction and four engines is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers / hour-its maximum speed-in 5 seconds or 20 with a trailer of 36,000 kilograms. From there, almost everything else is very divergent speculations.

Experts in the industrial automotive sector believe that the truck, which could transport the largest and heaviest industrial trailers, will have a system of rental and removable batteries, although this hypothesis has lost strength since Musk claimed that it will be possible to fully recharge in less than 30 minutes.

This project, prepared to complete considerably long journeys, could be ready to land on the market in two years or even sooner. However, Tesla will not only enter the segment of long-distance trucks, but will also focus on regional trips with a more economical variant and a 500-kilometer car.

In fact, Tesla is entering a segment in which there is real competition, as evidenced by the various projects that are under way both by new wedge manufacturers and brands with a long tradition among articulated trucks. This is joined to other proposals such as Nikola One, a truck that feeds on hydrogen and has a range of 1,900 kilometers.

On the other hand, Jerome Guillen, former Daimler and who has directed the achievement of this masterpiece after participating in a similar project of Mercedes-Benz, has placed the driver in a central position within the cabin, as if it were a McLaren F1, a cabin where the technological presence is overwhelming while awakening a sense of space, security and comfort never seen before.

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But what about its price? A week after its debut, Tesla has already announced a list of provisional prices for the two variants of its truck: 127,000 euros for the 500 kilometers and 153,000 for the 800. Despite being 25% more expensive than the cabins of equivalent categories with thermal engine, there is already a large stock of companies interested in acquiring them and that, currently, are formalizing their reservations.

In fact, in order to take advantage of this initial pull that will bring a valuable capital to Tesla, there will be a special version called ‘Founders Series’ with a slightly higher price, 169,000 euros, which will only be available during its launch campaign, yes , after paying 17,000 euros as a reserve – normally its 5,000 euros as collateral.

Finally, it is known that Tesla intends to test his truck in Nevada and California -United States-, especially for the purpose of polishing its autopilot. This was detailed by an email from Nasser Zamani, responsible for regulation of Tesla, who said that “the main objective for now is to know the operational capacity of the prototypes continuously through the state line and within both states in both manual as autonomous, that is, without the need for a person in the vehicle. ”

The Tesla Semi was presented together with the unexpected new Roadster of the brand, an electric sports car that has been described as one of the fastest cars on the planet and that will arrive in 2020 from 200,000 dollars -almost 170,000 euros-, high price but more than just for a vehicle capable of doing the sprint 0-100 in 1.9 seconds, reach 400 kilometers / hour and travel almost 1,000 kilometers per load.

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