In the business world, Spanish executives occupy a very important place. Their talent, energy, creativity and negotiation skills allow them to occupy great positions. Today, 10 Spaniards are recognized in the business world for having been elected as CEO of large companies. From the pharmaceutical sector, to big fashion companies, today they are led by Spaniards. We share a list of the 10 most successful Spanish CEOs:

  1. Belén Garijo

For several years she has been working in the pharmaceutical industry and leading large companies such as Sanofi. For some time now, she has been the CEO of the German company Merck Healthcare.

  1. Joaquín Duato

Was recently incorporated into the executive committee of Johnson & Johnson but has been part of the firm for a long time, as the worldwide chairman of  Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical division, Janssen.

  1. Alfonso Rodés

Has been the CEO of the Havas Media company for more than 10 years, and was recently incorporated into the firm’s executive committee.

  1. Antonio Lorenzo

His time in the Santander Group and Lloyds bank allowed him to become the CEO of the Scottish Widows financial company.

  1. Luis Cantarell

In addition to being the executive vice president of Nestlé Europe, Middle East and North Africa, he is also the new CEO of the ice cream company Froneri.

  1. Álex Cruz

His time at the airline Vueling, today is one of the representatives of the merger of British Airways and Iberia LAE: International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG).

  1. Alfredo Barrios

After directing the gas company BP, Barrios has been the new CEO of mining giant Río Tinto Aluminio for two years.

  1. José Miguel Martínez
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Was responsible for Zara Scandinavia, leading the Inditex group. Today he works as CEO of the company Esprit, leading the Hong Kong fashion.

  1. Víctor Herrero

Led Inditex for more than 10 years, to become the CEO of the American fashion company Guess.

  1. Juan Ramón Alaix

After several years as the director of Pharmacia, Alaix became the CEO of the leading animal health company Zoetis.

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