Colgate-Palmolive earns US $2.100 billion in 2018, up 18.6%

The manufacturer of personal care products Colgate-Palmolive obtained a net attributable profit of US $2.400 billion in 2018, which is equivalent to an increase of 18.6% over the previous year, as reported by the company this Friday.

The net turnover of Colgate-Palmolive advanced by 0.6%, reaching US $15.544 billion. The division of personal hygiene remained stable and registered an income of US $13.156 million, while pet care billed 4.2% less to US $2.388 million dollars.

On the cost side, expenses associated with sales increased by 2.3%, to US $6.313 million, followed by sales, general and administrative costs, which fell by 0.2%, up to US $5.389 million.

“Looking ahead to 2019 and depending on the current exchange rate, we expect net sales to remain stable or register a slight increase in single digits,” explained the company’s president and CEO, Ian Cook.

The first executive of the firm has estimated that “organic sales” will grow between 2% and 4% due to a “greater investment” in their brands, an increase in prices and a “focus natural products”.

In this way, between October and December Colgate-Palmolive obtained a net attributable profit of  US $606 million dollars, 87.6% more than in the same period last year despite the decrease of their 2% turnover, which stood at US $3.811 million.

The difference with respect to the fourth quarter of 2017 is explained because during that period the firm had to face an extraordinary tax expense due to the US tax reform.

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