Carnival could resume some cruises in August after facing coronavirus strike

Carnival Corp said Monday that it plans to restart some of its cruise travel from North America in August, as it tries to recover from the coronavirus pandemic that has left the industry in a virtual standstill.

The company said it expects to resume cruises on eight ships from Miami, Port Canaveral and Galveston on August 1, while operations in the rest of the North American and Australian markets will remain suspended until the end of that month.

While all cruise operators have been hit hard by the disruption in global tourism, none have faced a reputational crisis as big as Carnival.

At least three of their Princess Cruise units became hotbeds of coronavirus infections. One of them, Princess Ruby, was part of a murder investigation in Australia as the country’s deadliest viral infection source.

Princess cruise ship operations are not among those Carnival plans to resume.

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