Business Review: Intercoastal Marine Inc.

Intercoastal Marine Inc. is the leading contractor company in Maritime Engineering and Construction in Central America and the Caribbean. Established in Panama since 1995, they carry out a wide variety of designs and engineering works, new constructions, repairs, modernizations and maintenance of structures and maritime facilities.

Intercoastal Marine-IMI

The main business line of Intercoastal Marine, Inc. (IMI) is oriented to the maritime construction and engineering market. At first it was a family business and today its parent companies are the Chilean SalfaCorp and the Colombian Constructora ConConreto. It operates in Latin America and the Caribbean and its services include maritime construction, equipment leasing, maritime works and engineering and port design, repairs and maintenance of maritime facilities, among others. IMI has participated in construction works for the Panama Canal Authority and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The permanent commitment to offer service and excellence in the work has earned Intercoastal Marine Inc., a reputation for professionalism and unparalleled trust in the maritime construction market in the region.


Over the past 30 years, the managers and engineers of Intercoastal Marine Inc. have carried out specialized construction work for the Canal Commission, the United States Navy Corps of Engineers and for multinational companies in Panama and the region.

In response to the growth of the maritime sector in the region, Intercoastal Marine, Inc. was founded in 1995 as an engineering and construction company specializing in maritime construction and correlated services. Currently, IMI is able to respond to a wide variety of general, civil and mechanical construction requirements.

Intercoastal Marine Inc. currently extends its services and operations to all of Latin America and the Caribbean, after which in 2011 it became the property of a well-known Chilean construction and engineering company, and of another, consolidated company and leader of the construction in Colombia.

The timely performance of IMI with quality work, its commitment to safety and its many years of experience place it as the leading contractor in maritime construction in the region. Today we highlight their participation in a series of projects that support various industries such as mining and hydrocarbons.

Some of IMI’s most important works are:


  • Maritime works of Minera Panamá (Panama): Construction of a quay for the unloading of coal and loading of copper concentrate. Pier in the open sea of ​​a length of 400 m.


  • Manzanillo International Terminal (Panama): Various works at Pier 8, dock for power generation barges; a total of 18,000 m2 of construction, including a pier 395 m long by 42.7 m wide. Our Project “Maritime Works Manzanillo International • • • Terminal. Colón, Panama “was awarded the Second Place in the international edition of the 2016 CEMEX Works Awards, Category Infrastructure, delivered in Mexico, after having won the version of Panama.


  • Fuel transfer dock for Telfer Tanks, Inc. (Colón, Panama): in this project floating equipment was used for drilling and piling of piles, assembly of structures and other procedures.


  • Multipurpose pier in Punta Rincón (Panama): design and construction of a 150 m long dock for loading and unloading construction material as well as for boarding and disembarking of personnel, early stage of the development of the Minera Panamá project.


  • Balboa Port (Panama): Container dock construction.


  • Construction of electricity generation dock (Puerto Corinto, Nicaragua): This project consisted in the construction of a 45 m long dock.

Outside of Panama, IMI is starting work on a project in the Dominican Republic and, at the same time, participating in different bidding processes throughout Central America.

Health and environmental safety

Intercostal Marine is committed to the safety and occupational health of their workers and the care of the environment, backed by a management system of SSOMA, which is part of their long experience and which is based on ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001 / 2007 and OHSAS 18001/2008, which is applied in all of their projects, which allows IMI to grant a sustainable development to all our construction processes.

IMI maintains the highest safety standards in the industry, employs the safest and most suitable procedures for their workers on an ongoing basis; they develop safe work procedures following all the rules and regulations of protection. Or security officers continually review our procedures and update them as necessary.

IMI has a park of modern equipment, with the appropriate technique to develop the various works required by the maritime construction.

Today, with the current equipment renewal (including high-tonnage crawler cranes), the company is positioned in Panama with the largest high-capacity crane park to develop construction projects.

On the other hand, for the complex task of pile driving, a series of high capacity impact hammers, facilitators for large-scale and high-tech tasks were incorporated.

Likewise, IMI has also developed prefabricated element plants, as prestressed for the preparation of different concrete structures.

The latest technology and the proven ingenuity of the professional and technical team of IMI have been combined for the manufacture of octagonal piles up to 55 m in length, being the first company in Central America and the Caribbean that has made this type of elements.

A recent addition to the IMI divisions has been the metalworking works area, which, supported by automatic welding equipment, has developed pylon and structure splices over 18,000 tons of piles over the past two years.

For purposes of administrative management, the companies of the group to which IMI belongs are handled with state-of-the-art SAP-type software and other applications, whose interaction facilitates a permanent and scheduled administration in each different work unit.


Intercoastal Marine, Inc. has fostered a network of suppliers with whom it works very closely and seeks to establish lasting and close trust between these and the company’s work team. IMI’s supply chain is global, since it includes suppliers from the Americas, Asia and Europe.

The fulfillment of the services and products provided by its suppliers allows the company to exercise strict control of each process, so that this guarantees quality and safety in each work.

Social development

Since its founding it has had as a corporate policy the work with the most needy communities, contributing actively and voluntarily with non-profit organizations that seek to attend, as far as possible, the social needs of their environment


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