BP will invest close to US $100 million in exploration plan in shallow waters of Mexico

Oil company BP Exploration México will invest US $ 97 million as part of the exploration plan for the shallow water contract CNH-R03-L01-G-CS-03/2018, where it proposes drilling a well.

According to what was approved in the Extraordinary Session of the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) on Tuesday, 74% of the resources will be allocated to the drilling of a well, 12% for general expenses.

Meanwhile, 7% of the investment in geophysics; 4% for safety, health and environmental issues; and 3% for the geology field.

In the session, the general director of Exploration Dictamines, Rodrigo Hernández Ordoñez, explained that the field is 168 kilometers west of Campeche and 130 kilometers northwest of Ciudad del Carmen, in shallow waters.

The plan aims to continue evaluating the potential of hydrocarbons in this area, because there are some wells drilled, as well as the possible incorporation of reserves in case of being successful during the drilling process.

“The exploration plan can of course increase the geological knowledge of the subsoil area. We see then that the geological and geophysical studies that it raises would allow it to bring to Port what it is proposing, “he said.

Hence, the proposal is technically feasible, since the activities will allow generating knowledge of your soil and also complies with all regulations.

The field was awarded in the first round of Round Three to BP Exploration Mexico, in association with the oil companies Total E & P Mexico and Hokchi Energy.

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