BMW and Daimler will sell autonomous cars for highways in 2024

BMW AG and Daimler AG will offer cars with capacity to drive on highways starting 2024. Manufacturers of competing luxury cars are cooperating to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

The companies plan to sell cars equipped with the so-called level 4 automatic driving technology, which means that vehicles could take driving on roads and parking without the intervention of a driver, who will remain behind the wheel. The firms will gather some 1,200 experts and hold talks to expand the partnership for the development of robot taxi technology for urban areas, BMW and Daimler said on Thursday.

The German companies signed an initial agreement in autonomous technology in February, deepening their cooperation beyond the shared use of cars and platforms of journeys in private vehicles. Automotive manufacturers are proposing partnerships with competitors to share the rising costs of new technologies. Volkswagen AG collaborates collaborated with Ford Motor Co. who could announce a partnership on autonomous vehicles this month.

Both Daimler and BMW have partnerships with other companies to develop autonomous driving cars. BMW started working in 2016 with Intel Corp., Mobileye NV and others in technology for its iNext vehicle that will go on sale in 2021. The car will have a level 3 autonomy, which means that the vehicle can operate alone, but requires the supervision of a driver. Daimler is starting a pilot project for autonomous driving vehicles in urban areas this year with its partner Robert Bosch GmbH.

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