Being a leader and leadership are not the same: Six key points to lead effectively in at work

Being a leader is a position that does not necessarily bring leadership.

And maintaining good leadership in a team is essential to accomplish achievements and move with greater determination to new projects.

Bernardita Espinoza, senior consultant in Human Resources of the recruiter Michael Page indicates that in many occasions this task becomes a real challenge given that team members have their own interests and differentiated knowledge. Therefore, the leader must defend the employee’s independence, relying on the use of all their potential and creativity and stimulating their sense of belonging to create a real team.

Now, how can you be a good leader in a team?

The professional gives us these key points:

Teamwork – Setting goals and expectations is essential for teams to work together with a common goal. “A person who moves towards a clear and fixed goal will apply himself with greater determination because they know what is expected of them. Therefore, it becomes essential for a leader to transmit to his/her teams what the mission, vision and strategy are, “says Espinoza. To do this, he proposes to start by establishing an ambitious long-term goal and, little by little, segmenting smaller tasks with more immediate results that motivate the team.

Invest in the talents –The expert indicates that human talent is the most important and valuable variable of any organization. “If you want prepared people, you should invest in their training. First of all, you should select people who you think have potential in areas and divisions that will help you reach the goal and, once they are part of your team, invest in them so that they continue to evolve, so that they grow professionally and at the same time, make the organization grow, “explains Espinoza.

Enhance talent –It is important to create career plans for each of the people who work in a team, which will also help to retain them. “It is important to generate performance evaluations and give honest feedback on their strengths and areas of improvement for professionals,” says Espinoza.

Communicate –For a team to stay together it is essential to work on communication as an essential element to transmit the values ​​to each collaborator. “The key is to communicate transparently, clearly and concisely. This flow of communication and information cannot be unilateral, “says the consultant. He adds that good leaders should always have a good disposition toward the concerns of their employees.

Motivate and inspire –Motivating and inspiring employees for projects is one of the most important skills and key to the success of any good leader.

Set the example –He also adds that the best way to teach employees is to set a good example. “Leaders realize that they must be the first to work hard, to take the responsibilities that protect their position and, in turn, to do so with honesty, ethics and authenticity,” Espinoza emphasizes.

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