AMID: Mexico is currently the largest exporter of medical devices in the region

Most people get scared when the doctor mentions they need an operation. However, operations no longer mean what they used to. Today, thanks to innovation in medical devices, surgical interventions are becoming less invasive. Some are made with laser and the recovery takes place in a matter of days.

All this is the result of the effort that has been made to innovate and implement the advances of technology in the health sector. For example, in Mexico, there is the Mexican Association of Innovative Industries of Medical Devices (AMID), an association of global leaders in medical device innovation and diagnostic systems, which promotes the advancement of health services in the country through better access to innovations that raise the quality of life of people.

Their main goal to associate with the groups interested in the health services to promote an efficient, transparent, regulatory, and procurement processes in Mexico, as well as to guarantee the safety, quality and adequate efficiency of the solutions in the health services.

The 29 global companies that make up AMID offer innovative medical devices and diagnostic services as well as educational systems to address various diseases and improve medical practices and outcomes. These serve in public and private health institutions, hospitals, laboratories and clinics; as well as to research institutions and the general public.

The medical devices they produce focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, HIV / AIDS, infectious diseases and kidney diseases. In addition to attending 75 areas such as anesthesiology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, gastrointestinal, hematology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, radiology, among others.

AMID was created to overcome the structural problems of the healthcare industry; since medical devices were previously excluded from the Legislative Agenda and all attention to health supplies was centered on drugs. As a result, the Association has focused on promoting the competitiveness of the industry, full compliance with the regulatory framework, and harmonization of the regulatory framework on international standards.

Similarly, AMID maintains a cooperative relationship with Mexican authorities and participates in working groups between the Government and the Medical Devices industry. In addition to being the only group that represents innovative Medical Devices, with commercial interests established in Mexico.

The association has been operating for 90 years in the country and 175 worldwide. As of right now, it has 40 manufacturing plants in the Republic of Mexico, more than 7,100 sanitary registers and more than 310,000 associated products.

The devices have revolutionized the way of treating diseases and in Mexico its benefits apply not only to the health of the population, but also to an economic level. The Mexican Association of Innovative Industries of Medical Devices (AMID) revealed that the global production was $639 billion. Within the country, the industry generated $ 8.24 billion in exports versus $ 4.48 billion in imports. In addition, Mexico is currently the largest exporter of medical devices in the region, with a production of more than 15.22 billion dollars, which generates more than 130 thousand jobs.

Without a doubt the most valuable progress that comes from innovation and growth in this industry is the decrease in the mortality rate, the decrease in disabilities and especially the healthy years that are being gained in each person.

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