American Airlines canceled 115 flights with Boeing 737 MAX aircraft until September

As a precaution American Airlines has extended the use of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft until September 3rd. Boeing’s fleet is still paralyzed after two accidents that caused 346 deaths.

The company, which had canceled those flights until August 19, said in a statement that the Boeing will “soon to be certified” by the US civil aviation authority (FAA), so it decided the extension to allow its Clients and their teams organize in better conditions.

American Airlines, which operates 14 MAX, will cancel a total of 115 flights.

The accidents of Lion Air in Indonesia, at the end of October 2018, and Ethiopian Airlines, last March, revealed the malfunction of the MCAS anti-lock system that equips the 737 MAX.

Boeing is currently working on the development of a modified version of this specific software of the 737 MAX model and expects that the FAA and its foreign counterparts will again authorize them to fly.

The management of the issue by Boeing and the revelation that it maintained close relations with the FAA caused a crisis of confidence between US companies and the public, pilots and civil aviation regulation agencies.

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