WCA – Coal supplies almost 37% of total global electricity

Coal continues to act as a guarantor of energy security, supplying almost 37% of total global electricity. In its annual World Energy Outlook 2017 report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts that coal will remain the largest single source of electricity generation through to 2040.

The role of the World Coal Association is to be demonstrate that crucial role that coal plays in powering up modern economies while promoting the role of low emissions coal technologies to meet environmental challenges.

The organisation was founded in September 1985 as the International Coal Development Institute. In 1988, it changed its name to World Coal Institute. The current name, World Coal Association, was adopted in 2010 when the organisation refocussed its priorities.

Operating from its headquarters in London, WCA is the only body acting internationally on behalf of coal, with a mission to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the fundamental role coal plays in achieving a sustainable, lower carbon energy future.

The WCA is a membership body made up of coal producers and allied companies, national associations and other stakeholders.

The WCA provides a voice for coal in international energy, environment and development forums, and presents the case for coal to key decision-makers.

According to WCA Chief Executive, Benjamin Sporton, “the WCA’s mission is to build understanding and demonstrate the fundamental role coal plays in powering modern economies. We engage with global media, policy makers and thought leaders to position coal as a responsible and progressive industry by demonstrating that coal and 21st century coal technologies are critical to achieving a sustainable and low emission energy future.”

The WCA’s four main objectives are to:

  1. engage global media, policy makers and thought leaders in rational, data driven debate to position the coal industry as responsible and progressive.
  2. establish that coal plays an indispensable role in addressing energy poverty and supports the urbanisation and delivery of economically competitive energy which promotes modern economies.
  3. demonstrate that global climate ambitions can only be achieved with significant international support for all low emission technologies, including cleaner coal technologies and CCS.
  4. prove that coal production and use contributes to the development of prosperous and sustainable communities.

Membership of the WCA

Membership is open to companies and not-for-profits with a stake in the future of coal from all around the world. Membership of the association falls into two categories:

Corporate Members – This category includes companies engaged in the production, sale or use of coal, or manufacture of equipment used for the same.

Associate Members – This category of members include not-for-profit industry associations, research bodies and other stakeholders who can join the WCA for a nominal fee.

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