NASAA – Australia’s first Not For Profit dedicated to organic farming

The National Association for Organic Agriculture (NASAA) was Australia’s first Not For Profit organisation dedicated to organic farming. It was initially established in 1986 to provide a support and development focus for Australia’s infant organic agricultural movement.

The organisation grew quickly over the following years, developing branches in most states of Australia.  Increasingly its founders realised that in order for the industry to truly grow there needed to be both an agreed formal standard for organic agriculture as well as a certification system that could support it.

NASAA developed Australia’s first organic standard and went on to begin certifying farms across the country.  Now more than 30 years later NASAA remains a major force in the organic community and a leading organisation in the progress of sustainable farming worldwide.

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Initially NASAA was a certifying organisation as well as a support and membership association for organic farmers.  Over the years the growing business in certification demanded that the company deliver these services through a separate arm so NASAA Certified Organic, or NCO, was established.

NCO now handles all of the Certification services whilst NASAA remains focused on providing support and representation for its members.

NCO is one of Australia’s largest certification providers.  It delivers certification to farmers from Australia and around the world.  Our certification of operators in Australia covers all aspects of the organic product development cycle – from farmers producing organic fruit, vegetables, grains, meat, milk and eggs, through input providers, processors, handlers and even whole supermarkets.

The NCO Grower Group program also provides certification for around 16,000 individual farmers in developing nations across the Asia Pacific region.

Through a variety of arrangements with other countries NCO is also able provide Australian operators with Organic Certification for the USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, Canada and China.

The parent body, NASAA, has a focus on developing the organic industry through education, market development, technical support and maintaining and developing organic standards – both in Australia and abroad.
NASAA was an early member and supporter of the international organic industry and has remained an influential member of the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM).

IFOAM is meeting at the moment in Delhi for its 19th International Congress.

Every three years the organic movement from around the globe get together to share experiences, ideas and technology in an event that is part conference, part exposition and part policy development.  India is home to an estimated 650,000 organic farmers and the organic market is growing at 25% per annum.

Internationally Organics is now the fastest growing agricultural sector in the world, making events like the Organic World Congress that much more important.  As the world struggles with climate change, loss of biodiversity, rural poverty and the effects of artificial chemicals in our diets the development of better ways to convert to organic farming offers hope.
As it always has, this year NASAA will again be an integral part of finding shared ways to address these issues in a coordinated and international framework through IFOAM.

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