The official website for the Terra (LUNA) project has been compromised by a malicious entity that is using the ‘terra(dot)money’ domain as a phishing platform to collect users’ sensitive data like private keys, smart contracts access through wallets, and other private information, such as IPs.

It’s highly recommended that users do not interact with the above domain address, as they might fall victim to a scam.

The recommendation comes directly from Terra’s (LUNA) official account on X (former Twitter), with a warning first issued on August 19. On August 20, the account followed up with another warning, but, so far, no details have been provided on the root cause for their official domain being compromised.

The Terra Money domain is compromised

Some users speculate that, as the team mentioned “secure full access to the domain”, the issue could have been caused by a domain take-over.

Maslin Edwin posted a gif of some monkeys stealing some car pieces while suggesting that the primary owners of ‘terra(dot)money’ forgot to renew the domain’s ownership, but this information can’t be verified.

Data gathered by Finbold on shows that the domain’s last update happened on August 20, but it is only set to expire in 2027, after being registered in 2018. Ownership information is not publicly available. domain data. Source:

Terra (LUNA) price analysis

Meanwhile, LUNA is priced at $0.43 by press time, losing over 23% of its value in a weekly timeframe, as Terra’s prices fall from $0.56 in the last seven days.

LUNA 7-day price chart. Source: Finbold

Current events in the Terra ecosystem could affect investors’ trust in the project, with the lack of explanations and solutions regarding the official website takeover. 

While it doesn’t directly affect users’ funds, it is possible that some tokens could be stolen thanks to the phishing scam, which could be sold to the market, possibly directly impacting LUNA’s price.

Disclaimer: The content on this site should not be considered investment advice. Investing is speculative. When investing, your capital is at risk.

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