In a groundbreaking move, June witnessed leading financial powerhouse BlackRock, along with five other traditional financial (TradFi) institutions, submitting applications to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the launch of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). 

This significant development has rekindled hope within the cryptocurrency community regarding the potential institutional acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC). Following swiftly, in July, the SEC took a pivotal stride by accepting all six proposals for review, initiating the initial phase of its deliberation to determine the fate of the eagerly anticipated spot BTC ETF.

While the securities regulator refrained from offering a precise timeline for its final decision, there is a decent possibility that the agency might unveil its verdict on one of the applications as early as today, August 11th.

Three possible scenarios

Notably, the deadline for the SEC to decide on ARKInvest’s spot Bitcoin ETF is on Sunday, August 13, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart revealed on August 10.

SEC deadline dates for spot Bitcoin ETF applications. Source: Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart

However, given that it is the last day before the weekend, Seyffart said he expects the SEC to deliver the announcement today after the market close.

According to crypto expert Jelle, there are three possible scenarios regarding the SEC’s expected August 11 announcement. He said the securities watchdog “can either postpone their decision, approve the ETF, or deny it.”

Seyffart, meanwhile, said he is ‘fully expecting a delay” from the SEC.

What does this mean for Bitcoin?

The impending announcement from the SEC regarding ARKInvest’s spot Bitcoin ETF application has the potential to trigger varied impacts on BTC’s price trajectory. 

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Should the regulatory body grant approval, it could serve as a significant catalyst propelling the leading crypto coin’s price higher. This favorable decision would not only instill optimism regarding other institutional applications but also bolster the overall prospects of Bitcoin’s adoption within the mainstream finance space.

Conversely, the prospect of an outright denial, although least likely according to expert opinions, could exert some bearish pressure on BTC. Nevertheless, any downward movement is anticipated to be limited, considering there are five other pending applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Alternatively, the SEC might choose to defer its decision, leading to a relatively muted influence on BTC’s price. This scenario aligns with the most probable outcome given historical regulatory tendencies. 

In any case, the forthcoming SEC decision holds considerable potential to reshape BTC’s price dynamics and its trajectory toward mainstream institutional adoption.

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