Shortly after a federal judge revoked bail for Sam Bankman-Fried for attempted witness tampering, a popular YouTuber who investigates online scams has shared a leaked call in which the co-founder of the notorious FTX cryptocurrency exchange says he “really hates” him.

Indeed, Stephen Findeisen, a.k.a. Coffeezilla, said that SBF was not only spending his time under house arrest in a multi-million dollar mansion trying to tamper with witnesses in his case but also discussing his show, as Findeisen shared in an episode streamed on August 13.

Name-dropping Coffeezilla

Specifically, the YouTube detective reminded his viewers of an interview with SBF in which he accidentally admitted that he might have been co-mingling funds on FTX, after which he got really mad at Findeisen, and not long after, the news of SBF’s arrest in the Bahamas came out.

According to a leaked phone call Findeisen received, SBF name-dropped him as someone he particularly hates:

“Yeah, that was, uh, I really hate the, I think he’s Coffeezilla, the guy who yelled at me for associating with bad people. (…) He brought up two examples, Dan Friedberg and Mark Cohen were his examples.”

As a reminder, FTX hired Friedberg, known for covering up a cheating scandal in poker, as its chief compliance officer, and he was later accused of paying hush money to a former FTX whistleblower who raised alarms. Meanwhile, Cohen is the same lawyer who defended Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex offender found guilty of child sex trafficking.

Meanwhile, Cofeezilla has been vocal about the case. For instance, back in March, he sat down with podcast host Joe Rogan and noted that a lot of celebrities had supported the collapsed crypto exchange and its founder due to the enormous “social proof” that “overwhelms your alarm bells,” as Finbold reported on March 8.

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Witness tampering

Currently, SBF is back in jail over trying to influence witnesses set to testify against him, particularly the star witness Caroline Ellison – his former girlfriend and CEO of Alameda Research, the hedge fund that SBF allegedly used to make risky bets with FTX customer funds. Ellison pleaded guilty to fraud charges late last year.

Namely, in July, Bankman-Fried reached out to The New York Times and leaked a series of Ellison’s private Google documents in which she recorded her thoughts on the whole situation around what used to be one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world, which the court considered an attempt at witness tampering.

Watch the entire video below:

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