Following this month’s activity related to September’s tokens unlock by Ripple, the company moved another 75 million XRP ($38 million) on Monday, from which 58 million XRP went to known exchange addresses, probably to be sold on the crypto spot market.

Notably, Ripple had already moved 100 million XRP from the 200 million tokens kept after the escrow’s finality. With the most recent activity, there are still 25 million left in the account address tagged as “Ripple 1”, by XRPScan.

Following the track of the 75 million XRP

Once again, Finbold tracked down these transactions on-chain trails, which followed a very similar pattern to the 100 million tokens moved one week earlier. Passing through the same accounts as before, suggesting they belong to the same owners.

In this context, 75 million XRP were sent from “Ripple (1)” to the unknown address “rJqiM…La8nE” on September 18. One and a half hours later, the 75 million were forwarded to “rhWt2…E32hk”.

At this point, whoever is managing these accounts decided to keep 28.99 million XRP in “rhWt2…E32hk” (a similar amount to what was kept from the 100 million tokens last week), sending 46.01 million to “rJgpQ…7hCvf” in just three minutes.

Ripple moves 75 million in a possible partial sell-off on September 18. Source: Finbold (Vini Barbosa).
Ripple moves 75 million in a possible partial sell-off on September 18. Source: Finbold (Vini Barbosa).

Again, in less than one minute, another transaction to the unknown address “r4wf7…h4Rzn”. However, this time for a higher amount (50.48 million XRP) than what was received, using dormant tokens from this account.

This is the last stopping point for the recently unlocked tokens, just before being sent to three different known addresses of centralized exchanges (CEX).

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Bitstamp received 32.43 million XRP, Bitso received 17.05 million XRP, and Independent Reserves received 300,000 XRP. Summing up to a total of 49.78 million tokens being deposited in CEXes, which usually means an intention to sell.

XRP transactions out of “r4wf7…h4Rzn” to CEX addresses. Source: XRP Scan

The same last unknown address “rsdkG…apapb” of the previous week received 700,000 XRP.

XRP removed from New York regulator’s greenlist

Interestingly, this movement took place on the same day as the New York regulator’s revised parameters pertaining to its supervision of virtual currencies, concurrently eliminating Ripple’s (XRP) from its roster of permitted cryptocurrencies.

Only a very exclusive list of digital assets, most of them belonging to centralized service providers, are still allowed to be offered in New York.

New York cryptocurrency greenlist.
New York cryptocurrency greenlist. Source:

There are currently just eight tokens and coins on the new greenlist: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), GMO JPY (GYEN), GMO USD (ZUSD), Pax Gold (PAXG), Pax Dollar (USDP), and PayPal Dollar (PYUSD).

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