Amid his continuous warnings of the impending “end of the American Empire” through the demise of the United States dollar, Robert Kiyosaki has shared more advice for his followers for the upcoming crisis, such as not waiting to purchase (more) Bitcoin (BTC), gold, and silver.

Indeed, the author of the best-selling personal finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ stressed that people always ask him about his prognosis for the price of gold, silver, and Bitcoin in 2025, but that he finds it a “silly question” as he shared in his X post on September 19.

‘Buy Bitcoin today, not tomorrow’

Specifically, the reason why he considers this query silly is that, according to him, there are more important questions to ask oneself, such as the amount of the above assets in possession today, not tomorrow, because the time is running out to get on the Bitcoin, gold, and silver bandwagon. 

As Kiyosaki explained, the above assets are still a relatively cheap investment for the time being but will not remain so as other people will realize the opportunities they offer as well and rush to acquire them, which will inevitably grow their prices:

“More important question is how many gold, silver, Bitcoins do you have TODAY?  Gold, silver, Bitcoin are bargains today… but not tommow. America is broke. Buy GSBC today before stocks, bond, real estate crash & people rush for GSBC.”

Earlier, the finance educator slammed traditional fiat currencies as “fake,” arguing that they had no future, while noting, on the other hand, that “crypto is the future” of money while commenting on the “massive crypto conference” taking place in Singapore, as Finbold reported on September 17.

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Meanwhile, Kiyosaki’s favorite cryptocurrency was at press time changing hands at the price of $27,143, recording an increase of 0.82% in the last 24 hours, as well as adding 4.86% to its value across the previous seven days, and advancing 4.32% on its monthly chart, according to the latest information.

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