Amid his continuous warnings of an impending crisis and the decline of the United States dollar, renowned investor and author of the best-selling personal finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki has shared bleak predictions of the US future.

Specifically, Kiyosaki said that “the American Empire is coming to an end,” as the US dollar is “under assault” with the upcoming meeting of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) group, as he said in his ‘The Rich Dad Channel’ podcast streamed on August 16.

“August 22 is the BRICS summit, and they want to go to a gold-backed cryptocurrency, so the US dollar’s under assault.”

Dark Ages for America?

As it happens, the finance educator was discussing the economic outlook of the US with his guest historian, radio host, Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast, and author of ‘The UnCommunist Manifesto’ Mark Moss, arguing that the “Dark Ages are coming.” 

As Kiyosaki explained, the “fall of the Chinese Empire happened when they printed paper money, then came the Greeks, then came the Romans, and now comes America, and we’ve been printing money, so this is one of the most exciting times in world history.”

“This is a very interesting time in history. We are entering into the Dark Ages because that’s what happened when the Greek Empire fell, the Roman Empire fell, the Chinese Empire fell, and the American Empire is about to fall because our dollar is criminal.”

According to the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author, people are getting more favorable towards Bitcoin, gold, and silver, which he believes is the right path as he keeps advising his followers not to save dollars but instead to invest in gold, silver and the flagship decentralized finance (DeFi) asset.

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Indeed, Kiyosaki has long urged his followers to turn to assets that the government cannot print, including Bitcoin, which he referred to as “people’s dollar” and which he believes could reach the price of $1 million if the global economy crashes.

Meanwhile, Kiyosaki also earlier predicted the end of the US fiat currency following the BRICS meeting, as he said the member nations would introduce a new trading currency backed by gold and “trillions of US $ [will] rush home” and “bring inflation to the roof,” as Finbold reported on July 11.

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Watch the entire video below:

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