Oasys and Adventure Gold DAO (AGLD DAO) have formed a collaborative partnership, representing a notable advancement in the establishment of a synergistic shared ecosystem.

The newly established collaboration aims to enhance the scope of completely on-chain games and support the expansion of Autonomous Worlds (AW).

The advanced architectural design of Oasys, which operates without the need for gas, together with the infrastructure and assistance provided by AGLD DAO for Autonomous Worlds, will enable builders inside the Oasys Chain and Lootverse, to effectively establish autonomous and decentralized digital ecosystems, as per the latest insights shared by the gaming-optimized blockchain with Finbold on September 12.

Through the integration of various characteristics, the collaborating entities will establish new benchmarks in terms of game efficacy and ingenuity while enhancing the principles of impartiality, availability, and communal autonomy within blockchain space.

Adventure Gold DAOs inside the Oasys gaming ecosystem will occur via various partnerships, first with its involvement in the forthcoming GameWave Genesis Hackathon at Token2049. AGDL, in addition to its role as a sponsor, will provide a thematic framework that stimulates participants to delve into the realm of autonomy within the domains of game and decentralized application (dApp) development. 

AGLD token

Additionally, the native token of Adventure Gold DAO, namely AGLD, will be made accessible on the Oasys platform through bridging. This will enable enhanced possibilities inside the Adventure Gold DAO ecosystem, fostering a more cohesive and collaborative approach towards the exploration of groundbreaking gaming experiences.

“This partnership brings us closer to creating a developer-friendly and trusted environment for the Oasys Chain ecosystem,” said a key contributor from AGLD DAO. “We are confident in the immense potential to shape the future of blockchain gaming and drive the growth of the Autonomous World narrative.”

Dominic Jang, Head of Business Development at Oasys, added:

“Our collaboration with AGLD DAO is more than just a technological integration. It represents a shared commitment to nurturing decentralised creativity in the metaverse. As Oasys continues to expand possibilities in the Web3 space, we are proud to provide a foundational layer for autonomous and independent development on Oasys Chain to support this growth.”

The alliance is the latest in a series of impactful strategic events, with the blockchain-based game development platform recently announcing its formal integration into the “αU market,” a non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace, and the “αU Wallet,” a cryptocurrency wallet supplied by KDDI Corp, one of the leading telecommunications firms in Japan. 

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