London Group Inv is a British firm that claims to have been in the brokerage services market for several years. It makes no apologies for claiming guaranteed safety for client funds, advantageous trading conditions, a customer-focused approach, and a modern, user-friendly platform. However, the firm fails to provide any substantial evidence to back up these claims.

Furthermore, the broker operates without licenses, claiming that a license is pending approval. Regardless of the presence of positive online reviews, it is our responsibility to thoroughly investigate the organization to determine its legitimacy: Is this a scam or not?

🏛️ CountryUnited Kingdom
⚠️ RegulationNo
🖥️ Website
🎲 Demo AccountNo
⏳ Start Time2023
💲 Minimum Deposit250 USD
⚖️ Minimum and Maximum Leverage1:100
⚙️ Trading PlatformWebTrader / MT5
📞 Phone442081502232 – UK 61364690609 – AU 13439457279 – CA

The Initial Impression of London Group Inv

If there was a prize for the most pointless, uninformative website crammed with filler stuff, London Group Inv would surely win. Their official website is filled with lofty claims, ostensible benefits, and elegant phrasing. However, it lacks any clear facts or credible evidence to back up these claims. While making bold statements is simple, substantiating those assertions is where the broker falls short. The company’s website is loaded with verbose and opaque walls of text, rather than presenting succinct, precise information.

London Group Inv homepage

It’s difficult to ignore the website’s terrible layout and low-quality design. London Group Inv opted not to expend any effort or money in this area. The official website has a homepage as well as over ten pages devoted to trading conditions, alleged benefits, unverified merits, trading platforms, and account types. At the very least, the webpage includes visuals and persons dressed in suits who appear to be expert traders and analysts. The other sections are merely dry black writing on a purple background with a terrible typeface.

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Is London Group Inv Legit?

Following an examination of London Group Inv, various red flags questioning the company’s trustworthiness appeared. The broker limits free account registration, needs a $250 initial deposit, and fails to offer detailed information on the majority of trading conditions. Thorough verification of the company’s legal address, licensing, and operational history is required before reaching a firm decision regarding its reliability.

Withdrawing funds from

If you decide to invest with London Group Inv, you must request a withdrawal as soon as feasible. However, keep in mind that withdrawing funds from an unregistered broker can be difficult.
They may block the procedure for months on end, and if they do, you will be unable to submit a charge back and recover your money.

How does London Group Inv scam work?

How do these schemes work? Unregulated Forex brokers typically operate in a similar manner.
They will contact potential investors and use every trick in the book to persuade them to make a first deposit. They may offer bargains that appear too good to be true, such as tripling your original deposit or easily making hundreds of dollars per day. Don’t fall for these ploys! Following the initial investment, clients are frequently passed over to a “retention agent” who will attempt to obtain even more money from them.

What to do if you’ve been scammed?

If you’ve already invested in London Group Inv and they refuse to refund your money, you have a few options. To begin, save any emails and communications as documentation of your efforts to recover your monies. Then, consider filing a chargeback with your bank or credit card company. This is the quickest option to get your money back, nevertheless, it could harm the broker’s connection with payment service providers.

You cannot conduct a charge back if you wired money to the broker. In this instance, you should threaten to submit a complaint with the authorities. You can also write a letter or send an email to the regulatory agencies in your country that oversee Forex brokers.

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Finally, before investing in any forex broker or company, it is critical to conduct extensive research.
We hope that this assessment was useful in bringing light on London Group Inv’s questionable activities.

Promises of big returns with little work, pressure to invest quickly, and unregulated or offshore brokers are all frequent red flags to look out for. Unsolicited phone calls or emails from brokers should also be avoided, since these are frequently used by scammers to entice unwary victims.

In addition to the information provided above, it is crucial to remember that fraudsters such as are growing more clever in their strategies, making it harder to identify a fraudulent Forex broker at first glance. As a result, it’s critical to educate yourself on how to spot warning signals of a scam and to always do your homework before investing your money.

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