Proponents of Bitcoin (BTC) argue that its decentralized nature offers protection against threats encountered by traditional financial systems. Nevertheless, like any other financial or investment product, Bitcoin is not immune to various threats that could potentially affect its existence.

In this context, Finbold sought insights from the artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT developed by OpenAI to understand the factors that could potentially bring about the end of Bitcoin as we know it. We posed the question, ‘What can end Bitcoin as we know it?’ to the most advanced ChatGPT-4 premium AI version.  Through this analysis, it became apparent that the pioneering cryptocurrency faces a spectrum of challenges, both external and internal, which are highlighted below:

#1. Technical vulnerabilities

The tool suggested that one of the most discussed vulnerabilities is the dreaded 51% attack. If a single entity gains control of over 50% of the Bitcoin network’s computational power, it could potentially wreak havoc. Such an entity could double-spend coins or halt transactions. ChatGPT acknowledged that although this type of attack is expensive and unlikely to be financially practical, stating that at the moment, it remains a theoretical threat.

Another technical vulnerability is quantum computing. ChatGPT states that if quantum computers become powerful enough, they could break Bitcoin’s cryptographic security measures. It is worth noting that the crypto community has since identified this risk with plans to quell it. 

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature has made it an attractive option for those looking to circumvent traditional financial systems. However, this very characteristic puts it in the crosshairs of governments worldwide. As per ChatGPT, regulatory crackdowns and bans on Bitcoin could significantly impact its adoption and drive users toward other digital assets or traditional currencies. In general, regulatory uncertainty is a constant shadow that the cryptocurrency world must navigate, making it a persistent concern for the future of Bitcoin.

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#3. Economic factors

Bitcoin’s value and adoption have been intricately tied to economic factors for years. Therefore, ChatGPT pointed out that a significant loss of confidence in Bitcoin due to major financial losses, large-scale fraud, or other scandals could lead to reduced adoption and value. At the same time, it cited threats such as a newer cryptocurrency or technology emerging with vastly superior features, which might overshadow Bitcoin’s first-mover advantage. 

#4. Environmental concerns

The viability of Bitcoin has been questioned over the cryptocurrency’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus. Against this backdrop, the AI tool pointed out that critics argue that its energy consumption is unsustainable and harmful to the planet. Therefore, if concerns about its energy consumption continue to grow, there may be a substantial shift towards more eco-friendly cryptocurrencies or consensus mechanisms, potentially eroding Bitcoin’s dominance. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, Bitcoin’s environmental footprint remains a point of contention. However, it is worth noting that major miners are trying to turn to renewable energy sources for Bitcoin mining. 

#5. Scaling issues

ChatGPT acknowledged that Bitcoin has faced persistent challenges in terms of transaction speed and costs, especially during heightened demand. While initiatives such as the Lightning Network have been introduced to tackle these issues, the risk of an inadequate scaling solution could potentially hinder Bitcoin’s ability to achieve wider adoption. The ongoing challenge of scaling is a critical issue that the Bitcoin community must continue to tackle to uphold its status as a viable digital currency.

#6. Internal conflicts 

Internal disputes within the Bitcoin community have sporadically arisen, particularly concerning its development trajectory. ChatGPT warns that should these disagreements escalate, they have the potential to result in additional forks, similar to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split, which could ultimately erode the community’s cohesion. The tool notes that sustaining a unified vision for Bitcoin’s future is imperative for its enduring success in the long run.

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#7. Catastrophic events

The AI tool suggests that the Bitcoin network is not immune to global disruptions. Natural disasters, widespread infrastructure failures, or global-scale cyber-attacks could disrupt the Bitcoin network, causing temporary or long-term damage. The resilience of the Bitcoin network in the face of unforeseen events remains an ongoing concern.

#8. Mass Adoption of CBDCs

Governments such as the United States and China are actively exploring the potential of digital currencies, which could lead to the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as potential substitutes for cryptocurrencies. In this case, ChatGPT opines that if prominent nations successfully deploy and endorse their CBDCs, these could present a more secure and regulated option compared to Bitcoin for everyday transactions, potentially diminishing Bitcoin’s attractiveness. The advent of CBDCs poses a notable competitive challenge to Bitcoin.

#9. Loss of key infrastructure

It is worth noting that the cryptocurrency ecosystem relies heavily on exchanges and wallet providers. Therefore, ChatGPT suggested that if a major exchange or wallet provider collapses or faces severe security issues, it could undermine confidence in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem and impact Bitcoin. Therefore, safeguarding the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency world is essential to maintaining trust and stability.

In conclusion, while Bitcoin has withstood numerous challenges and has a resilient community of users and developers, it remains vulnerable to various internal and external factors. Staying abreast of these potential threats and actively addressing them will be crucial for the continued success and relevance of Bitcoin as a global digital currency.

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